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IR Experts & Attorneys

Thermographic inspections used as evidence for legal documentation must pass more stringent guidelines than inspections used for maintenance. An infrared expert must be formally trained, experienced, and certified. Additionally, an expert’s report must follow specific guidelines and standards.

Infrared experts listed below hold themselves out as qualified to consult and/or testify as experts in thermography or related topics. Attorneys listed below are acknowledged as experienced with thermography and/or related issues.

To check on services, pricing, and credentials, please contact individual firms. Firms listed on this page are not necessarily recommended or endorsed by IRINFO.ORG.


Construction Forensics, Inc.

Commercial Home Infrared Inspections

Infraspection Institute

IRIS Thermovision

Jersey Infrared Consultants

Louisiana Infrared

Stockton Infrared Thermographic

Thermo-Scan Inspections


Robert J. Incollingo, Esq.

Hill Wallack


Bonded Building & Engineering