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Infraspection Institute Appears on National Geographic Television

Date: May 05, 2005

Infraspection Institute was recently invited to appear on the National Geographic television program, Is It Real? – UFO’s. This program explores the topic of extraterrestrial visitors and offers a scientific explanation of an infrared videotape that has been offered as proof of UFOs over Mexico last year.

Burlington, NJ April 26, 2005—

According to Jim Seffrin, Director of Infraspection Institute, “The National Geographic Society requested that we examine a videotape containing thermal imagery captured by the Mexican Air Force over the Bay of Campeche in March of 2004. The subject imagery was captured with a FLIR SAFIRE thermal imager operated from a Merlin turboprop aircraft during a daytime surveillance mission. In the subject video, several amorphously-shaped hot objects appear to “fly”. When watching these hot objects, it appears that they maintain a rigid formation, flying through the clouds and keeping pace with the surveillance aircraft. This videotape has been offered by some as proof of alien spacecraft.”

Seffrin continues, “At the conclusion of our work with the NGS, it was our opinion that the ‘UFOs’ within the thermal imagery were caused by flare stacks found on oil well platforms located within the Bay of Campeche. These flares are used to burn unwanted gas and can produce flames over 100 feet high. Due to the height and temperature of the flames, their thermal signature is detectable for up to several miles from the platforms. The appearance of flight is merely an optical illusion created by the two-dimensional aspect of the videotape. While the subject videotape is intriguing, it is not ‘irrefutable proof’ of the existence of UFOs that some have claimed.

The hour-long television program is scheduled to air several times on the National Geographic Channel. For program listings and times, visit


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