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New E-Series Imager Boasts Exceptionally High Resolution

Date: May 18, 2005

N. Billerica, MA. (May 10, 2005) – The new, compact ThermaCAM® EX320 from FLIR Systems, with a true, built-in 320 x 240 pixel array, provides four times the resolution of any hand-held camera its size and in its price range.

In addition to a high resolution, maintenance-free, un-cooled FPA infrared detector, the EX320, the latest in FLIR’s widely accepted E-series line of IR cameras, boasts unusually high thermal sensitivity (to 0.08° C) and image quality (76,800 picture elements in each image).


New ThermaCAM® EX320 from FLIR Systems has exceptionally high resolution, low cost.
New ThermaCAM® EX320 from FLIR Systems has exceptionally high resolution, low cost.

“The EX320 is the smallest, smartest infrared camera available today,” says David Francoeur, FLIR’s Director of Marketing. “For the first time, new or budget-conscious users can get a high performance infrared camera at a great price. This will enable many new users thinking of buying a 160 x 120 IR camera to think again, and look at the exceptional performance and value of the EX320.”


Calibrated thermal images can be captured and recalled using the EX320’s on-board memory. Its radiometric jpeg image format allows the user to go back to any image at any time to add and remove spots, measure temperatures and perform analysis that may have been missed in the field. Thermal images and measurements stored in the camera’s memory, may be easily downloaded to a PC using ThermaCAM Quickview™ software (included), and standard USB or serial cables, for later retrieval and analysis.

The ultra-portable EX 320 is built to operate in the harshest weather conditions and industrial environments. Dust and splash-proof, it meets IP 54 standards and will not seize up in either extreme cold or hot temperature variances. Its’ exclusive Ambient Temperature Compensation (ATC) technology assures accuracy under the most challenging weather conditions.

Optional lenses, including a telescope lens, ideal for inspecting distant targets, such as overhead lines; and a wide angle lens that nearly doubles the standard field of view for evaluating large objects, such as roofs or electrical panels close up, are available.

FLIR Systems is currently offering an EX320 ³Value Package² ­ for a limited time, those who purchase this offering will receive ImageBuilder software, a $2,500.00 value, at no additional charge. ImageBuilder enables multiple IR images to be combined into a larger composite ­ displaying critical measurement data and image detail. ImageBuilder is ideal for inspecting large targets like buildings and oversized equipment. For more information on the ThermaCAM EX320, call 800-464-6372.

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