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Affordable Short Wavelength IR Camera

Date: August 25, 2004

Benefiting from an advanced TE cooled MCT detector array the JADE SWIR camera from CEDIP Infrared Systems provides excellent spectral response from 0.8 to 2.5 microns.


In providing very clear and sensitive images in the short-wavelength infrared spectrum, the JADE SWIR has repeatedly proven itself in aerospace, automotive and engineering applications as the system of choice for investigation of non-uniformly or defects in an underlying structure.

Operating at up to 100 frames per second at full image size (320 x 256), with output digitised over a complete 14bit dynamic range the JADE SWIR provides the leading edge resolution to clarify even the smallest area of defect or non-uniformity. Coupled with CEDIP’s powerful, yet intuitive PC-based analysis and reporting software the system provides users with a powerful and cost effective investigative tool.

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