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Testo Launches New 875i Thermal Imager

Date: September 27, 2012

Testo ImagerSparta, NJ September 27, 2012 Testo has announced the launch of its new Testo 875i thermal imager. Designed for industrial, commercial, and building science applications, the handheld 875i provides high thermal sensitivity and outstanding image quality while providing simplified ease of use.

The result of further development of the proven Testo 875 platform, the measurement technology specialist Testo is offering an extremely well designed thermal imager for professional thermography applications. Centered around the high thermal sensitivity of < 50 mK, and the outstanding image quality of 160 x 120 pixels, which can be increased to 320 x 240 pixels with the SuperResolution technology, even the smallest details and the slightest temperature differences can be identified with the new Testo 875i. Sabine Hinkel, Head of Product Management: "In the technological advancement of the Testo 875 platform, we rigorously took our customers' experience and feedback into account with this imager. While the intuitive operability and the practical pistol grip design were retained, the technical components and performance were considerably improved and are now at a level which up to now was unknown in this class of hand held thermal imagers." Excellent thermal sensitivity and image quality Building on the very high thermal sensitivity (NETD) of < 50 mK, even very small temperature differences can be measured, the new Testo 875i offers the possibility of recording thermographic images with the patent-pending SuperResolution technology. SuperResolution adds additional real measurement values to the recorded image resulting in a (4X) four time increase in pixel resolution and added benefit of improved geometric resolution by a factor of 1.6. For the new Testo 875i, this means an image resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. With these high-resolution thermal images, which are conveniently available in the analysis software, thermographic measurements can be conducted with a higher level of detail, depth, and security. For professional industrial thermography
The new Testo 875i allows the easy and safe detection of areas of interest in many thermography applications: The thermal images are visualized in real time on a large 3.5″ display. Critical temperatures and hot-cold spots can be displayed directly on the display as well. Verbal notes can be captured by the thermographer and archived directly as part of the image file via a headset for later recall. Detailed image analyses and reports can be carried out easily and reliably on any windows PC. The handling and operation of the imager as well as the PC software is very user friendly and intuitive in nature offering many versatile possibilities: from one-hand operation, speed button programming, and the possibility of using exchangeable lenses. Image overlay of real and thermal images (TwinPix) is accomplished by using a software wizard built right into the PC software.
The new Testo 875i with improved technical capabilities is soon to be the first choice in this class of hand held thermal imagers for professionals who are looking for reliable and quality thermographic measurement technology.

Company profile
Testo AG, whose headquarters are in the Upper Black Forest, Germany is one of the leading producers of portable and stationary measurement technology worldwide. The high-tech company offers measurement solutions for, among other things, climate and environmental technology, industrial applications, emission measurement and the monitoring of food quality, and the building trade. The firm invests roughly 10 percent of its annual turnover in Research and Development, making an above-average commitment to future-oriented technology. With 31 subsidiary companies and over 80 distribution partners, the company is represented all over the world, and has a worldwide staff of roughly 2300.


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