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Measuring transient thermal phenomena over a large temperature range.

Date: November 04, 2004

Measuring transient thermal phenomena over a large temperature range…

CEDIP Infrared Systems, specialists in thermal IR technology, has announced that it has implemented a new feature on its popular JADE range of cameras increasing the dynamic range by a factor or 4, providing the equivalent to a 16-bit dynamic range.


The new feature called Multiple Exposure combines several sub frames taken with a variable integration time. Using Composer, a new software module, users can recombine subframes and rescale them in an appropriate manner so that the overall dynamic range is greatly increased. Composer then processes the images and provides an equivalent dynamic range of 16 bits. Composer is now part of CEDIP’s powerful, yet intuitive ALTAIR software platform and is available as a plug-in software module.

The innovative new technique, which allows covering a dynamic range of -20C to 900°C in a single range with a JADE MWIR (3-5µm) camera, is particularly appropriate for demanding applications such as measuring transient thermal phenomena over a large temperature range.

Visit the CEDIP web site. Request This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about this product.



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