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Thermoteknix Introduces World’s Lowest Power Thermal Imager

Date: May 06, 2009

Cambridge, UK May 6, 2009— Thermoteknix recently unveiled its new Microcam™ long wave thermal imaging device. Designed as a core for infrared imaging systems, the Microcam is the lightest miniature device of its kind and requires very little power to operate.

news_05_06_2009_1The shutterless 384 x 288 25µ pitch Microcam™ module was unveiled at the annual SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Conference in Orlando, FL. Visitors to the event were in awe of unit’s 26g feather-weight and 4x4cm board size. They were even more impressed by its frugal <0.6 Watt power consumption – a full third less than that of the closest competing product. Thermoteknix Managing Director, Dr. Richard Salisbury said, "The market demands thermal imaging cameras and cores which achieve extremely low-powered, weight-critical, cost-sensitive performance and Microcam™ delivers on all counts. Low power consumption and low size/weight translate directly into longer operation, greater range and increased portability – essential features for handheld, portable, UAV, night vision and sighting systems. news_05_06_2009Thermoteknix’ unique XTi shutterless technology combined with the Microcam™ provide a solid state IR solution with no mechanical moving parts or interruption to vision. The Thermoteknix team are proud to continue our 25 year leading history of ground-breaking, state-of-the-art innovation with a camera that uses a quarter of the power of most IR cameras and leaves its nearest competitor dead in its tracks. A wide range of Microcam™ cameras and cores will address the many vertical market applications for all users with this cutting edge technology.”

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