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Heat Stress & Hydration

June 17, 2024

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In last week’s Tip, we covered the topic of heat stress, its symptoms, and treatment. This Tip focuses on the importance of hydration as a preventive measure.

What is heat stress?

Heat stress is a physical hazard. It is caused by environmental conditions and results in the breakdown of the human thermal regulating system. If you work or play in hot environments, your body needs a lot more water than you might think.

What is hydration?

Hydration is the process of adding water. Our bodies need water to do many things. In hot environments we need large quantities of water to help keep our bodies cooled to a temperature that allows them to function properly. Heat stress becomes a health and safety concern when the volume of water we need to function drops below the level necessary to maintain homeostasis. We call this low water condition dehydration or under-hydration. The average person is 7% under-hydrated.

How can I avoid being under-hydrated?

Develop the habit of drinking water at routine intervals. One 8 oz. cup every hour on hot days will assure proper hydration.

How will I know if I am properly hydrated?

Check the color of your urine. You are properly hydrated if your urine is clear, copious in volume, and light yellow in color.

What are the benefits of proper hydration?

Staying properly hydrated will help to avoid heat stress and may increase your energy level. For every 1% under-hydration, you lose 5% of your energy potential.

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