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Watch Your Step

April 22, 2024

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“Watch Your Step” is a safety slogan we’ve all seen countless times. All too frequently, thermographers suffer injuries when engrossed in an inspection or disoriented by the display monitor of an infrared imager.

Thermography is a visual inspection technique that requires a thermographer to pay close attention to an imager’s monitor screen. Due to their construction, some portable thermal imagers can present safety hazards by partially obstructing a thermographer’s vision. Other thermal imagers may cause a thermographer to loose his/her balance due to the different perspective of the images they display.

In addition to hazards presented by imaging equipment, thermographers engrossed in an inspection can easily lose touch with their physical surroundings. To help prevent accidents, keep the following in mind:

  • Always maintain adequate situational awareness of your surroundings
  • Prior to imaging, survey the worksite for any tripping or fall hazards
  • Be sure of your footing and overhead hazards at all times
  • Stay with your qualified assistant at all times

Lastly, be extra careful when working in low light conditions. Watching a monitor screen in low light can impair your night vision for up to several minutes after you have viewed the screen. Taking the time to watch your step when imaging can help to prevent personal injury and avoid damage to your equipment or a client’s facility.

Thermographer safety is one of the many topics covered in the Infraspection Institute Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer® training course. For more information on class locations or our Distance Learning program, visit or call 609-239-4788.

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